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Who we are:

Blue Mountain Wellness is a full-service chiropractic and wellness office in Fredericksburg, PA. Our doctors are trained to find the root of underlying problems by looking at chemical, structural, and functional components of the body.

We use traditional chiropractic methods coupled with technology to accelerate our patients’ healing. We offer chiropractic care, weight loss, spinal decompression, neuropathy reversal, regenerative medicine, and more!

Services we Offer

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Specialized treatment for back ailments.
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Synergistic treatment and reversal.
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Nutrition & Weight Loss

A blueprint for permanent results.
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Regenerative Medicine

Using your body’s natural abilities to heal itself.

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Our chiropractors are passionate about helping you get out of pain and living in wellness. They work to treat you with premium care, quickly and effectively, so that you can get back to enjoying life.



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