Disc Bulge, Herniation, & Slipped Disc

Spinal discs play a critical role in normal spine function. They serve as shock absorbers between the spinal bones, supporting the spine, and facilitate a wide range of movement in all directions. When the spinal discs are injured it can lead to pain and ruin your life. At Blue Mountain Wellness in Lebanon County, we can help you get your life back with a safe and effective treatment plan designed for people impacted by spinal disc issues.

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What is a Disc Herniation?

An intervertebral disc is the cushion between each one of your spinal segments throughout your spine. These cushions absorb pressure put on the spine through daily movement. In order to keep these discs at full volume to provide the most cushion, motion is essential to bring fluid in and out of the disc. Throughout life, your body may become restricted at certain segments in your spine. With a decrease in motion in those areas, the disc can begin to dehydrate making it prone to cracking or bulging out of its normal space.

What Causes Disc Herniations?

By far, the 2 leading causes of disc issues are wear and tear, and acute lifting injuries. Typically, the first step of a disc problem occurs when the disc material starts to protrude due to repetitive work stress or a sudden damage from lifting the wrong way. Depending on how the disc material protrudes, it can place pressure on the spinal nerves and surrounding soft tissue leading to pinched nerves. If the disc problem is serious, pain can begin to spread down the legs. Nerve irritation can cause tingling and numbness to spread down the legs also. If this happens, it is vital to get your condition evaluated properly and treated quickly so no further nerve damage occurs. Chiropractic care can treat all these spinal disc issues safely and effectively. The chiropractors at Blue Mountain Wellness in Lebanon County have many years of experience treating spinal disc problems and will create a treatment plan using cutting edge therapies and chiropractic care for optimal results. 

I initially went in for upper back pain and after completing the treatment program, I feel like a whole new person. The care I have received was very thorough. The staff is awesome, they are all very friendly, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend!

-Chevele C.

SYMPTOMs OF Disc Bulge

Sudden, sharp pain after lifting

Feeling like you can stand up straight

Pain across the neck or back which can spread into the extremities

Pain worse when twisting, bending, lifting, or trying to stand up straight.

Tingling and/or numbness in the extremities


There are some excellent options to help treat disc problems safely and effectively. At Blue Mountain Wellness of Lebanon County, our treatments can reduce symptoms and help you get back to the activities you love. Our treatment program consists of:

-Chiropractic adjustments to correct alignment and reduce pressure on nerves

-Spinal decompression to unpinch the nerves and discs

-Arthrostim therapy: Low force adjusting tool and muscle therapy device to help promote joint mobility and reduce muscle tension

-Electric stimulation therapy to relieve pain and relax muscles

-Radial pulse wave therapy to break up muscle tension and stiffness around the affected areas

-Class 4 laser therapy to help reduce inflammation and promote tissue healing around affected areas.

-Home Stretches and Exercises to promote correct biomechanics reduces tension in the affected area

-Supplements to stimulate healing and reduce inflammation

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Our Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a great option to help alleviate some of the symptoms of disc issues throughout the spine.

Spinal Decompression


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