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Blue Mountain wellness has been helping people lose weight for over a decade.  We would like to help you too!

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Weight Loss is Possible at Blue Mountain wellness

Weight loss has so many benefits!  It can improve many chronic conditions, help you avoid other medical challenges, make you look and feel better and improve your quality of life!  

We realize that there are many resources available to help you lose weight.  There are many things that set Blue Mountain Wellness apart.  Here are the top five.  

  1. Experience. We have helped MANY people lose weight and keep it off with proven plans.  
  2.  Customization.  Even though we have set plans, we realize that everyone is different and we may need to adjust the plan to yield optimal results. We make sure we are doing what we can to optimize your results.
  3. Personalized coaching. We are here to come alongside you and help you through any rough patches. We use one-on-one meetings, texting, and phone consultations to keep in contact throughout the program.
  4. No Fad/Quick Fixes. We want you to lose weight AND learn how to keep it off forever in a sensible, maintainable way.
  5. We care!  


At Blue Mountain Wellness, we have put much time, research, and testing to develop a few different programs for weight loss.  The programs also can help some of the health problems that come with carrying a few extra pounds like Type 2 Diabetes and general inflammation. 

When we meet with you, we can begin to get a picture of your overall health, and current diet, and identify other things that may be impacting your weight and health.  Once we have that information, we choose a base program and they customize it as needed to maximize your results. 

What to Expect

Many think about losing weight, but you’ve taken the first step to actually do it by reading this webpage!  Bravo!

Take the next step by scheduling an appointment today!


  • Discuss current diet and exercise routine, and medical history.
  • Explore your short and long-term goals and why you are ready to make a change now.
  • Introduce you to Red Light Therapy and how it supports your weight loss.
  • (Optional) Do an initial scan with the 3DFit 360 Scanner.


  • Present the program that has been created for you.
  • Go over the program in detail including any customizations.
  • Give you the text number to reach us with any questions while you are doing the program.
  • Do the initial 3DFit 360 scan if it wasn’t done at the first appointment.
  • Set up a follow-up appointment for the following week. (Or about 1 week after starting the program if it isn’t started immediately.)

3d-Fit 360 Scanner

These non-invasive scans take photo measurements and check balance and posture and can give us good data on your weight loss journey!

Our nutrition and weight loss program will teach your mind and body how to burn fat instead of sugar while supporting you through your journey of finally addressing the root cause of weight gain. You’ll be provided with a lifetime program to ensure that the weight stays off all while making the program simple, easy, and fun with 24/7 support.

There are obvious benefits to weight loss which include: lowering your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer.  But it will also make you feel better, boost your energy, and allow you to enjoy life to the fullest!  

The plans we offer help you develop good, realistic eating habits that teach you how to eat for the rest of your life..not just a quick fix to have you lose a few pounds and gain them right back. We love our patients, but our goal is to have you be able to keep losing and maintaining your weight on your own after your program is complete.

We are going to be here with you every step of the way and are excited to embark on this journey with you.

red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is an emerging non-invasive fat removal treatment. We offer red light bed treatments to patients as additional support for their weight loss programs as well as on an appointment-by-appointment basis.


It comes down to addressing the root causes. Once we determine the cause of weight gain, we can discuss how to achieve the permanent weight loss desired and make a plan centered around you. We will be teaching your mind and body how to burn fat instead of sugar over the next several weeks. We, at Blue Mountain Wellness, will be here to support you through your journey of finally addressing the root causes of weight gain by giving you a lifetime program to be sure that the weight comes off and stays off.


To see if you’re a good fit for the program, please schedule online or call to request an initial Weight Loss examination.


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