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Treatments for neck pain include neck decompression, mechanical traction therapy, laser therapy, electric stimulation therapy, vibration plate therapy, home stretching and strengthening exercises depending on your unique needs.

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Neck pain is something we have all dealt with in one way or another. Whether you woke up randomly with neck pain one morning confused about how it happened or got in a car accident and now have horrible whiplash pain, neck pain can have a significant impact on quality of life. Neck pain often impacts more than just the neck.

Many people also experience headaches and upper back pain when they have a neck problem. Depending on which part of the neck is affected, some people can develop shoulder pain and some even have tingling and numbness in their hands or arms. Some pre-existing conditions like degenerative disc disease, spinal arthritis, and disc herniations can cause neck pain to develop. Even conditions like TMJ and rotator cuff injury can lead to neck pain as the body will begin to rely more on neck muscles to move since the other areas aren’t working properly.


Neck pain can originate from many different causes which generally lead to pain and stiffness around the neck area. Most commonly, neck pain happens when poor posture and spinal alignment issues are left untreated for more than a few weeks. This can lead to increased pressure on nerves and joints which will inevitably cause pain and stiffness in the neck and surrounding areas. The longer these problems are present the higher the chance for pain to occur. 


Poor posture and spinal alignment problems often develop from lifestyle and work environment. If a person is seated for a long time or doing work which causes their neck to be in an unbalanced position, neck pain will likely happen sooner rather than later. Think of a person who takes phone calls or works at a computer all day, or has to work with their hands overhead looking up, all of these scenarios will put the neck into poor positioning and will lead to neck pain.

Just think of that stiff, sore feeling we all get across the neck and upper back after a long day. This is the chief example of how neck pain develops happening in real time. Don’t just ignore these symptoms or imagine they will go away on their own. Pain like this almost always worsens over time, so don’t wait for that moment to happen.

The sooner these problems are addressed the easier it is to treat these types of conditions. Your best bet is to get checked out the moment this type of pain occurs so it can be treated quickly and effectively before any further damage is done. 

As being in fitness and lifting my whole life this is an essential part of my routine health. It’s always very professional and helpful staff and always has top quality service thank you so much for always providing me with the best!

-Skyler G.


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The good news is that neck pain is highly treatable and responds exceptionally well to chiropractic care. At Blue Mountain Wellness, a skilled team will work with you from start to finish to ensure your problems are addressed effectively.

One of our doctors will meet with you to listen to your problem and discuss what your goals are for care. Your doctor will then take x-rays of your spine and perform detailed analysis of spinal motion and alignment to accurately diagnose the root cause of your condition. 

After thoroughly evaluating the information obtained during the examination, the doctor will design a customized treatment plan to treat your specific needs and go over treatment options with you.

Treatments for neck pain may include various therapies such as neck decompression, mechanical traction therapy, laser therapy, electric stimulation therapy, vibration plate therapy, home stretching and strengthening exercises depending on your unique needs. The doctor will also perform spinal adjustments to correct spinal alignment and posture issues, relieve pain, and take pressure off of irritated joints and nerves.

Our Chiropractic Techniques


Decompression is a non-surgical and non-invasive therapy that can help reduce back, neck, leg and arm pain. It works by reducing the pressure on the discs and joints.

Mechanical Traction Therapy

Mechanical Traction Therapy is a type of decompression therapy. It stretches the spine and to help take pressure off of the discs which helps to allow the body to heal itself. It is a great non-surgical way to relieve pain.

Laser Therapy

Warm Infrared Laser Therapy is a great low-risk technique to treat chronic pain. It reduces inflammation and promotes healing and pain relief.

Electric Stimulation Therapy

Electric Stimulation Therapy targets the muscles in the treatment area. It sends a current into the muscle that ultimately helps it to relax and treat inflammation and irritation. Electric Stimulation Therapy is not a painful treatment and is extremely effective.

Vibration Plate Therapy

Vibration Plate Therapy includes a machine that vibrates, forcing your muscles to contract and relax. It stimulates the nerves and muscles to help reset your nervous system.

Chiropractic Care

Our approach to Chiropractic begins with a comprehensive exam to look at the structure and the function of the spine. We have several ways to correct that through non-invasive chiropractic using things like manual adjustments, e-stimulation, intersegmental traction, spinal decompression, laser therapy, flexion distraction, thompson drops, activator methods, and more!


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