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Neck pain is something we all deal with at some point. Often people try to just push through neck pain as they go about their daily routine, thinking it will go away on its own, but usually neck pain stems from a deeper issue that needs to be corrected. Chiropractic care is the best way to get these underlying issues fixed and have you living at your best.

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Why Does Neck Pain Start?

Neck pain frequently develops when the bones in the spine move less than they should or are misaligned. This can happen from poor posture and repetitive movements over time. Once stiffness and tension set in, pain will be the next step if left untreated. Poor posture develops from lifestyle and work environment. If a person is seated for a long time or doing work which causes their neck to be in an unbalanced position, pain will likely set in sooner rather than later. Ignoring these symptoms, or hoping they will go away on their own, can allow them to worsen. 

What Happens When the Pain Doesn’t Go Away?

Many people try to just let the pain go away on its own, but that only allows the real problem to persist. Pain can come and go, but the real problem which caused the original pain is still there even if pain goes away. Over time, other structures in the neck area can become injured from the bad posture and alignment that was never fixed. Nerves can get pinched and neck joints can start to degenerate leading to worse symptoms like tingling, numbness and chronic pain. The sooner these problems are addressed, the easier it is to treat these types of conditions. Addressing these conditions quickly can ensure that treatment is effective, mitigating any further damage.

As being in fitness and lifting my whole life this is an essential part of my routine health. It’s always very professional and helpful staff and always has top quality service thank you so much for always providing me with the best!

-Skyler G.

Conditions Causing Neck Pain

Neck pain can develop from a variety of causes since there are many important structures within the neck. The leading causes of neck pain are:

Poor spinal alignment and Bad Posture

Degenerative disc disease

Whiplash from car accidents (long ago or recent)

Spinal arthritis

Disc herniations (disc bulge)

Seated desk jobs, especially if working on a computer

Reaching above your head repetitively and looking up

TMJ and rotator cuff injury can even lead to pain as the body will begin to rely more on neck muscles to move since the other muscles aren’t working properly.


After thoroughly evaluating the information obtained during the examination, your chiropractor will design a customized treatment plan for you. Treatments for neck pain may include various therapies such as: 

  • spinal adjustments to correct spinal alignment and posture issues
  • neck decompression to unpinch the nerves and discs
  • mechanical traction therapy to stretch the spine
  • laser therapy to help reduce inflammation
  • electric stimulation therapy to relieve and muscle tension
  • vibration plate therapy to activate the muscles and nerves
  • home stretching and strengthening exercises for neck stability

Our Treatment options for Neck Pain

Chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic Care

Our approach to Chiropractic begins with a comprehensive exam to look at the structure and the function of the spine. We have several ways to correct that through non-invasive chiropractic techniques.


Decompression is a non-surgical and non-invasive therapy that can help reduce back, neck, leg, and arm pain. It works by reducing the pressure on the discs and joints.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy to help reduce inflammation

Electric Stimulation Therapy

Electric Stimulation Therapy targets the muscles in the treatment area. It sends a current into the muscle that ultimately helps it to relax and treat inflammation and irritation. Electric Stimulation Therapy is not a painful treatment and is extremely effective. Typical Treatments are 10 minutes.

Exercises and Stretches

Exercises and Stretches are a great way to improve posture and range of motion as well as decrease back pain and prevent injury while decreasing muscle soreness.

Mechanical Traction

Mechanical Traction is a great way to reduce inflammation and swelling of joints by increasing mobility in the spine. This form of therapy is typically about 10 minutes and is much like getting a massage


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