Sciatica is one of the most common low back problems with over three million cases diagnosed in the U.S. each year. It is caused by an irritation of the sciatic nerve in the low back which causes sharp pain, tingling, and/or numbness in the back and legs. 

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Anybody who deals with sciatica knows that it can be a huge problem. The condition occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes pinched leading to various symptoms like pain, tingling, and numbness. The path of nerve starts in the low back and runs down the leg traveling through tight spaces between muscles and joints. It is in these tight spaces that the nerve can become pinched leading to inflammation and pain. Sciatica can develop from different causes due to how the nerve travels through the body. Most commonly, it gets pinched in the lower lumbar spine which irritates the nerve causing sharp pain. Sciatica can come on suddenly, or slowly over time, depending on where and how the nerve is pinched. 

Why does Sciatica Start in the First Place?:

Sciatica starts from 1 of 2 scenarios: 

Scenario 1. The pain shoots in suddenly from moving or lifting wrong. The sudden, sharp pain that people feel usually stems from muscle spasms and spinal discs that get injured from moving the wrong way. The injured tissue then creates pressure on the spinal nerves causing the pain with movement, and sometimes tingling and numbness. This type of pain usually feels like you get “stuck” and can’t move in certain directions without pain. It is important to understand the true root cause of this is due to poor spinal alignment and bad spinal mobility which led to the injury. Many people try to just let the pain go away on its own, but that only allows the real problem to persist. Pain can come and go, but the real problem which caused the original pain is still there even if pain goes away. If the pain is ignored, other structures can become injured from the bad posture and alignment that was never fixed. 

Scenario 2. From chronic wear and tear on the spinal discs and joints in your lower back. The constant wear and tear on the disc and joints in the low back causes the cartilage between the bones to break down. The bone gets more stressed with less cartilage causing the degenerative process to start within the joint. This is what is happening in an arthritic spine and why it causes pain. It is a slow process and often the symptoms are vague at first, like occasional dull, achy pain and stiffness. As the joint degenerates further, the nerves become pinched and sciatica can flare up. All these symptoms limit your ability to function and get in the way of doing the things you love. It doesn’t matter which way the sciatica starts, the bottom line is the true problem will not go away on its own and treatment is the best way to feel better and get you back to living your life.

I initially went in for upper back pain and after completing the treatment program, I feel like a whole new person. The care I have received was very thorough. The staff is awesome, they are all very friendly, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend!

-Chevele C.

SYMPTOMs OF Sciatica

No matter what the root cause is, the pain from sciatica can make it hard to perform even the simplest tasks. Specific symptoms of sciatica to look out for include:

Aching or sharp low back pain which can spread down the legs 

Tingling or numbness in the legs

Pain worse with bending and lifting

Pain while walking and standing  

If you currently have any of these symptoms, give Blue Mountain Wellness a call to set up your new patient evaluation and get started on your journey toward better health.


After thoroughly evaluating the information obtained during the examination, your chiropractor will design a customized treatment plan for you. Treatments for sciatica may include various therapies such as:

  • Spinal adjustments to correct spinal alignment and posture issues
  • Spinal decompression to unpinch the nerves
  • Mechanical traction therapy to stretch the spine
  • Laser therapy to help reduce inflammation
  • Radial pulse wave (RPW) therapy stimulates blood supply and cell growth in the damaged area, leading to the regeneration of healthy tissue 
  • Electric stimulation therapy to relieve and muscle tension
  • Flexion/distraction therapy stretch the muscles
  • Vibration plate therapy to activate the muscles and nerves
  • Home stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Custom stabilizing orthotics to help correct collapsed arches

Information about each of these therapies and treatments can be found on our website. We look forward to helping you feel better and elevating your health to a whole new level.

Our Chiropractic Techniques

Spinal adjustments

Spinal adjustments to correct spinal alignment and posture issues

Spinal decompression

Spinal decompression to unpinch the nerves

Mechanical Traction Therapy

Mechanical Traction Therapy is a type of decompression therapy. It stretches the spine and to help take pressure off of the discs which helps to allow the body to heal itself. It is a great non-surgical way to relieve pain.

Laser Therapy

Warm Infrared Laser Therapy is a great low-risk technique to treat chronic pain. It reduces inflammation and promotes healing and pain relief.

Radial pulse wave

Radial pulse wave (RPW) therapy stimulates blood supply and cell growth in the damaged area, leading to the regeneration of healthy tissue 

Electric stimulation therapy

Electric stimulation therapy to relieve and muscle tension

Exercises and Stretching

Exercises and Stretches are a great way to improve posture and range of motion as well as decrease back pain and prevent injury while decreasing muscle soreness.


Orthotics are a prescription device worn inside your shoe to correct issues and condition. Orthotics help with pain, posture and much more.

Vibration Plate Therapy

Vibration Plate Therapy includes a machine that vibrates, forcing your muscles to contract and relax. It stimulates the nerves and muscles to help reset your nervous system.


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