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Learn how allergy testing and treatment can help you get your life back

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Allergies Impacting Your Well-being?

If you suspect allergies are affecting you, the surefire way to know is through testing. At Blue Mountain Wellness in Lebanon County, PA, our dedicated chiropractors excel in identifying triggers with precise allergy tests.

Specializing in both adult and pediatric care, we provide comprehensive services, ranging from allergy diagnostics to tailored treatments. Your path to a healthier, allergy-free life begins with us.

Allergy Testing with Blue Mountain Wellness

Faster results. 
No Lab reports or 2-hour visits

You’ll be able to see what you’re allergic to in 15 minutes vs either, spending 90 minutes on your stomach while someone tells you what’s going on, or sending off to a lab for an inconclusive report

Allergy Treatment – Covered By Most Insurances

  • Allergy Testing – During your test, your skin will be exposed to suspected allergy-causing substances and is then observed for signs of an allergic reaction.
  • Analysis + Diagnosis – Our doctors will then evaluate your allergy test and analyze whether a particular substance you touch, breathe or eat is causing symptoms.
  • Treatment – Allergy shots may be prescribed by our doctor. Allergy shots are regular injections over a period of time to stop or reduce allergy attacks.

*Covered by Most Insurances Including Medicare!


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Allergy Skin Testing – What to Expect

Immunotherapy Treatment:

This treatment is also known as desensitization. It aims to do exactly that: make the immune system less sensitive to the allergen by allowing it to “get used to” it. An allergy is an exaggerated reaction to a substance that is actually harmless.

Immunotherapy is a preventive treatment for allergic reactions to substances such as grass pollens, house dust mites and bee venom. Immunotherapy involves giving gradually increasing doses of the substance, or allergen, to which the person is allergic. The incremental increases of the allergen cause the immune system to become less sensitive to the substance, probably by causing production of a “blocking” antibody, which reduces the symptoms of allergy when the substance is encountered in the future. Immunotherapy also reduces the inflammation that characterizes rhinitis and asthma.

Meet The Doctor!

John E. Reel, PA-C, MAPS

John E. Reel, PA-C, MAPS

Physician Assistant

John Reel, PA-C, MPAS brings 40 years of wide-ranging patient care experience in orthopedic surgery, family medicine, urgent care, occupational medicine, and pulmonary medicine, to Blue Mountain Regenerative Medicine.  He is focused on improving musculoskeletal pain, arthritis symptoms, and wellness.  John believes that our body’s own healing power is often “the best medicine.”  Away from […]


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