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Neuropathy Reversal Testimonial

Bob shares his experience with the Neuropathy Reversal Program at Blue Mountain Wellness in Fredericksburg, PA.

In just 60 days Bob went from being uncomfortable driving due to a lack of feeling to gaining his freedom back behind the wheel. He also is able to stand longer with comfort.


Quantum Surge – One Week Back Pain Relief

From the verge of going under the knife to hunting in one week! Justin flew in from Florida after dealing with back pain that saw him in the hospital for a few days. Surgery seemed like the only answer. Dr. Mckinney and the staff joined forces with Justin for one week at Blue Mountain Wellness in Fredericksburg, PA. After four days of completing the Quantum Surge Protocol at Blue Mountain Wellness, Justin was in the woods hunting again! Got a friend or family member considering back surgery? Let’s help them steer clear of the scalpel. Drop us a message if the Quantum Surge Protocol catches your eye. This life-changing program is open to all, whether you’re local or from afar! Justin couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome and is no longer looking at back surgery. We want this to be your story too.

Chiropractic Care Testimonial

Eve shares about her experience with the chiropractors in Lebanon County, PA after completing a chiropractic treatment plan personalized for her at Blue Mountain Wellnes.

Personal Experience with Blue Mountain Wellness

From the brink of surgery to the thrill of the hunt in just one week! Justin, who flew in from Florida, faced severe back pain that landed him in the hospital. Surgery loomed as the sole solution. Collaborating with Dr. McKinney and the dedicated staff at Blue Mountain Wellness in Fredericksburg, PA, Justin underwent the Quantum Surge Protocol. Remarkably, after just four days, he was back in the woods, hunting with joy!

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