DOT Physicals

Blue Mountain Wellness is Now Offering DOT Physicals in Fredericksburg, PA

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DOT Physicals

Making sure your health is on the right track is the first step toward operating a commercial vehicle safely. The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires physical exams to ensure that professional drivers are in good health, which helps protect you and everyone you share the road with.

We’re here to make it easy to get your physical with an appointment at an FMCSA-certified testing location.

Get out on the road faster with the peace of mind that your health is good to go. Make an appointment today for your physical.

Call to Schedule: (717) 865-6183

During your physical, your provider will:

  • Review your health history
  • Perform a urine test
  • Perform a thorough physical exam
  • Complete the Medical Examination Certificate


What to wear and bring:

  • Wear short sleeves, so your arm is exposed
  • Bring your eyeglasses, contact lenses and/or hearing aids
  • Bring a list of your current medications, as well as the name and contact number of the health care provider who prescribed them
  • Bring a letter from your health care provider if you take medications for pain, psychiatric conditions, attention-deficit disorder (ADD) or smoking cessation
  • Supply your provider with medical records for conditions such as diabetes, cardiac disease, sleep disorders or neurological conditions

Before your exam:

Avoid drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes 30 minutes before having your blood pressure measured

Provide your urine sample and use the restroom prior to your blood pressure exam (a full bladder can change your blood pressure reading)

Before the test, sit for five minutes with your back supported and your feet flat on the ground and rest your arm on a table at the level of your heart

During your exam:

Complete the Driver Information and Health History sections of the Medical Examination Report form (don’t forget to sign and date the form)

Answer all questions honestly

After the Exam:

Your Medical Examination Certificate will be uploaded to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website by midnight on the day of your exam

Your Medical Examination Certificate will also be sent to your employer (not the full report, just the certificate)

*If you would like your employer to receive the full medical report, be sure to sign the Medical Release form


Dot Physicals are offered for a flat fee of $120. Appointments are available by scheduling online using the form above or calling/texting our office number at (717) 865- 6183.


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