At Blue Mountain Wellness, we believe in whole body wellness. To achieve a state of wellness, it often requires home therapy. Most home therapy exercises are active, meaning they can be done  on your own. We have compiled a list of common home therapy exercises to help our patients achieve a state of wellness.

Upper Cross Syndrome

This is often found in patients who spend a lot of time at a computer. Upper cross syndrome gets its name from a cross of tightened and weakened muscles. This ‘cross’ of muscles creates an instability and often is translated to pain. The underlying issue of the pain is the neuromuscular imbalance which chiropractic care along with home therapy can often provide neck pain relief. Here is a detailed write-up of home therapy to treat upper cross syndrome.

Lower Cross Syndrome

This is a very common problem seen in patients with low back pain. A combination of tight and weak muscles in a cross pattern is where lower cross syndrome gets its name. Chiropractic treatment for this low back pain condition along with home exercises has been proven to be effective at helping with lower cross syndrome.