Why are PRP Facials Turning Heads?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. The plasma is the portion of your blood, often referred to as “liquid gold,”  that is full of nutrients, minerals, and growth factors that stimulate your body to heal and repair itself.

Over time, skin tends to lose elasticity, which is what gives that youthful appearance. The skin is constantly being damaged by many things like pollution, sun exposure, smoke exposure, nutrition, and genetics. As we age, our body has a more difficult time healing itself after it is damaged, and loses that “healthy glow.”

Here at Blue Mountain wellness, we boost the nutritional value of your own plasma and then inject it back into the areas of the face that need to produce more collagen and elastin.

Facial PRP is much different from Botox injections because it uses your own plasma to stimulate healing and reverse the damage. The way it does this is by delivering a huge boost of nutrition to the areas of the face that need to produce more collagen.

Botox injections are neurotoxins that paralyze the muscle. They do not stimulate any natural healing of the body.

The main difference between the two types of injections is that Botox injections start taking effect within the first week or two, while PRP injections take four to six weeks before you can see noticeable changes. This is because the body is healing itself.

Why is it better?

While Botox injections last approximately 3 to 4 months, PRP injections last one to two years. PRP injections are safe and well tolerated, reversed damage, and heal the body naturally.

PRP facial injections are perfect for deep lines and wrinkles. These can be deep wrinkles of the forehead, crows feet of the eyes, deep laugh lines, or the surrounding area of the lips and mouth. 

Approximately one month prior to your procedure, we will place you on supplements that boost the nutritional value of your own plasma. Then, on the day of the procedure, we will bring you into the office, draw your own blood, and spin it down in our centrifuge machine to isolate the plasma, a.k.a. liquid gold.

Our medical provider will then inject that plasma back into the areas of the face where you need more collagen and elastin. 

Most patients noticed significant improvement with just one to two treatments. You can talk with your provider about specific areas of concern, and they can make recommendations prior to scheduling any sessions so that you know exactly what to expect.

You will notice a huge difference in the appearance of your wrinkles immediately after the facial PRP injections. These will be the areas that will fill in naturally with your own collagen and elastin.

After approximately three days, the plasma is absorbed, and you may not notice a difference from prior to your procedure, but you will begin to see an evening of skin texture and tone.

However, over the next four to six weeks your body will stimulate collagen production, and begin to fill the lines in again. You’ll get the full result three months after your last session, and this effect will last one to two years, depending on other skin factors.

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