Schedule New Patient – Neuropathy

To be considered for our neuropathy program, we require an initial consultation. To schedule, please Fill out the form on this page and our office will contact you. Alternatively, you may call/text our office at 717-865-6183 to schedule directly.

We recognize the severity of neuropathy symptoms and will do our best to schedule your appointment in a timely manner.

What to expect:

  • Prior to your consultation, we require a preliminary survey to ensure we are prepared to make the most of your initial appointment. Our staff will contact you with the survey details upon scheduling your initial consultation.
  • At your consultation, our doctors will review your history and ask questions to learn more about your condition. Our doctors are compassionate about your health, and this is your opportunity to be heard.
  • A detailed neurological exam will be performed to help us determine the severity of your condition, and if you are a candidate for our reversal program. For those who are not eligible for our reversal program, we will do our best to offer alternative solutions or find providers who can help with your condition. 
  • Upon acceptance to our reversal program, our staff will go over program fees and payment options. Our neuropathy reversal program fees vary based upon what treatments will be rendered, and the duration of our program. 

*Please note in some cases additional imaging or blood work may be needed before qualifying patients for our program. While we try to avoid these scenarios, additional labs are not included in our consultation fee. Should an additional lab be required, we offer the follow-up visit to review your labs and treatment options at no additional charge. 

Please fill out the form below, including all required fields, and we will contact you as soon as possible

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