You’ve either stumbled upon this page looking up a chiropractor in Lebanon to treat neck pain or Dr. McKinney referred you here. The purpose of this page is to help educate our patients on upper cross syndrome which has to do with muscles in the neck and shoulders that have become too tight or weak. The presence of tightened/shortened muscles groups along with the weakened muscles causes an imbalance that may lead to instability. This instability may also be perceived as pain, which is often the motivator to find a chiropractor. Some patients may also experience lower cross syndrome.

Upper Cross Syndrome Muscle Involvement

The muscles involved with upper cross syndrome are:

  • weak: deep neck flexors | lower trapezius  |serratus anterior
  • tight: upper trapezius | levator scapula | pectroalis

Here is a picture to better depict why it is called upper cross syndrome.

upper cross syndrome

So how do I fix upper cross syndrome?

Chiropractic treatments have been proven to decrease pain in upper cross syndrome. The manual manipulation of chiropractic therapy induces an instant neuromuscular response that will help to relax contracted/tight muscles. When the muscles have had the ability to relax, this will often be perceived as a decrease in pain. This pain management technique is very good however we would like to see our patients take further control of this. In order to benefit the most, stretching and exercises need to be performed. By stretching the contracted muscles and strengthening the weakened muscles your body will take off a lot of strain, subsequently decreasing perceived pain. Here is a comprehensive guide to stretches and exercises for upper cross syndrome, pictures courtesy of Thera-Band.  If you’re still struggling be sure to make an appointment with Dr. McKinney and ask him to show you some stretches and exercises at Blue Mountain Wellness.